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Wildlife Photography

Meet Severine & Morgan, Seasoned Wildlife Photographers

With years of experience capturing the untamed beauty of the wilderness, Severine and Morgan are seasoned professionals in the world of wildlife photography. Their expertise and passion for photography in the wild make them the perfect guides to help you explore and capture the awe-inspiring moments of nature.

Discover the Art of Photography with Us – Unlock Your Creativity at Semowi

At Semowi, we’re passionate about sharing our love for photography. Join us to learn essential techniques such as setting up your camera for wildlife photography, capturing stunning starry skies, mastering the ideal shutter speed for birds in flight, and much more!

Meet our experienced instructors: Severine, with over a decade of expertise running a professional photography studio in Jacksonville, Florida, and teaching photography classes at an Art Institute; and Morgan, boasting over 20 years of experience as a professional guide. Together, they’ll guide you on an enriching journey to enhance your photography skills and capture the beauty of the wilderness.

milky way
Semowi with clients

with clients on a drive

Morgan and Severine take great pleasure in accompanying clients on drives and imparting their knowledge of wildlife photography. Additionally, they bring their cameras along to ensure that clients have ample photographs to serve as cherished souvenirs of their experience. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about joining them on a drive.

You can find here some of our wildlife photographs: