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Episode 23: Eat delightful sustainable traditional food at Semowi

Our restaurant is committed to the environment and we recognize that every bite we take has an impact. That’s why we have taken a sustainable approach to dining and drinking by prioritizing locally sourced, organic ingredients and seasonal products. By supporting our planet, we can offer our clients a uniquely delicious dining experience. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and taste the difference in every bite.

Our commitment to sustainability starts with what we source. We buy locally whenever possible, ensuring that our ingredients travel the shortest distance possible and supporting local farmers. We are aware that our practices may lead to some ingredients being unavailable on occasion, but we would rather not buy out of season produce that has been shipped from overseas. Furthermore, we prioritize organic produce and even produce many of our vegetables, herbs, eggs, and fruits on our own farm. By prioritizing sustainability and responsible sourcing, we guarantee that every dish will be fresh, healthy, and delicious.

One of the unique aspects of our menu is that we offer a range of dishes that are traditional from Botswana, which includes the famous Seswaa sa Kgomo “beef” or the Mophane stew. We also propose some traditional dishes from Okavango Delta like the Tswii. Our chefs are passionate about using authentic methods and traditional ingredients in their cooking, ensuring that our clients have a taste of the local culture in every bite.

Our resolution to sourcing locally and organically extends to our wine, beer, and spirit selection. All our wines are from South Africa, and we offer a fantastic domain, Vineyard Friends, that produces organically. If you want to experience the true taste of Botswana, then you need to try our beers produced at Maun. We offer four varieties of an Okavango brew, with each one featuring a unique taste. The Okavango Gin is also a local produce as it is made in the Okavango Delta. Additionally, our Black Label beer is made locally in Botswana, while our St-Louis beer and the Amarula liquor is produced in South Africa.

At our restaurant, we don’t just offer food – we offer a dining experience that celebrates the local culture and respects the environment. By sourcing local and organic ingredients, we create meals that are not only delicious but also good for our clients’ health and wellbeing. Our commitment to tradition and sustainability is what set us apart from others. We hope that you will join us in this journey towards a better and more conscious dining experience.

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