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Episode 25: How to reserve your campsite inside Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana, Africa

In this episode I explain how to reserve the campsites in Moremi Game Resereve au Botswana. I  tell you which company handle what and give you ideas on how to make your reservations if you really want to do it all alone.

Here is the list I updated as today. Don’t forget that sometimes they don’t answer fast or not at all.

10 campsites  |  S19°25’32.6’” E23° 38’39.2”
Booking contacts:
Kwalate safaris  |  www.Kwalatesafaris.com  | [email protected] |  +267 686 55 51
Also book Xakanaxa and Ihaha

9 campsites  |  S19°14’19.3’” E23° 21’17.1”
Booking contacts:
Xomae | https://www.xomaesites.com/ |  [email protected] | [email protected] | phone: +267 686 22 21 | whatsapp: +267 732 04 63
Also book Baines baobab, Nxai south

10 campsites | S19°10’342  E23°45’095
Booking contacts:
Also book Savuti, Linyanti

10 campsites | S19°10’58.3”  E23°24’33.8”
Booking contacts:
Kwalate safaris | www.Kwalatesafaris.com | [email protected] | +267 686 55 51
Also book South Gate/Maqwee and Ihaha

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