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Semowi Nature Farm

Semowi Farm is a slice of heaven on earth. It was created and is run by a couple, Severine and Morgan, who truly love nature and wild life. Severine was born in Switzerland and worked as a nurse for 10 years in Lausanne before deciding to relocate for the USA. She lived 15 years in Jacksonville, Florida, where she created a successful photography studio in the Sunshine state of Florida. Morgan has 20 years of experience in the service industry; he worked as a professional guide for many years and enjoyed everything outside.

Our dogs: Zizou, Kiara, Leo, Linda, Silver, and Max.

Zizou and Comet are 10 years old, true brothers who have lived most of their life in the sunny Florida. When they were nine-year olds, Zizou and Comet moved with their family to Botswana where there is a lot more space for them to run around. They now live as African dogs that love being able to stretch out on their large farm! Sadly, we lost Comet at the end of 2021.

Kiara who was born in Maun, Botswana has been teaching her brothers Zizou and Comet about the tswana life! Her favorite things are running around, playing around, tearing up their toys-and annoying them as much as possible all day long.

Leo, Linda, Silver, and Max are rhodesian Ridgebacks. Silver and Max were born at Semowi and are Leo and Linda kids.

Our goats

Daisy, Coco, Choco, Mocha, Snow, Sky, Orane, Latte, Mickey, Minnie, Tic, Tac, Blanche, Shaun, Heidi…

We currently have 30 goats. 3 of them are dairy goat, from the Saanen breed. They produce the milk used to create the fresh goat cheese you will find at breakfast! The goats enjoy our company and come around the house when we leave them out of the boma during the day. Around 3pm they come back to the boma to get some food. You will find them walking around the farm.

Fun fact: our goats have Swiss cowbells. They were made in Switzerland and each of them has a unique sound.


Free range chickens

The first animals at the farm were chickens! We started with 3 and eventually increased to 40. They have now eggs everyday! You will be able to pick up your eggs for breakfast.

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